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70's facade needs face lift... Beauty restored! Interior entry lacks definition... Warm colors plus powder room did the trick. "Someone, please help me!" "Wow - thank you!" Turning a blah bathroom... Into something spectacular! Revamping a dull attic bathroom... Into a bright, new, cheery space! Q: What can you do with old 1900's spaces? A: Update them with colors and functional plumbing fixtures! An old closet... Becomes a new, beautiful shower! Tired colors... Renewed and refreshed! An unnecessary door took up too much room... New two sink counter improves functionality. This cabin had lost its presence. Now it is ready to welcome guests! Beach house design that worked in the 80's... Transformed into a relaxing, new retreat! Small, recessed kitchen and eating area... Redesigned into a large cooking center with counter seating! A house that had been added on over the years lacked continuity... Redesigned with shed, gable roofs, more windows and covered entry. Quality cabinetry from the mid-90's... ...painted and updated! A dark kitchen... Made brighter with new granite countertops and glass tile backsplash. Monochromatic bathroom... ...revamped for a more exotic feel. Too plain... Aah...just right! Here the cabinetry is the focal point... Now the stone fireplace is what you notice. Tree is overwhelming a rather plain front exterior. Control of the landscape and beautiful stonework revitalizes this house. A nice size walk in closet... ...becomes even better with new cabinetry & natural light from windows. Quaint traditional kitchen was closed off from rest of home.  Reconfiguring of space frees up kitchen to add beauty to this home remodel. Well maintained older home lacks pizazz. A new shed roof and larger porch gives the home sparkle. A long deck & straight exterior did not meet the needs of the new owners. A gabled living space and enlarged decks with clear railing was perfect.
Gallery ~ Before and Afters

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